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Anne Marie left her body on August 5, 2022.

To honor Anne Marie’s memory she requested you go to your local shelter and adopt a dog or cat.


“Above all Anne Marie Porter was amazing!! She was hands down the best officiant we could have ever imagined Pre-wedding I reached out and spoke to Anne Marie about documentation that we were required to have in hand and submitted to the courts in USVI, St. John. She was so helpful and walked us through the requirements step by step and were encouraging and cheerful every step of the way.

Since neither of us had been to St. John before we sourced Anne Marie to guide us in selecting our perfect nuptials location and photographer. She really listened and heard us when we were conveying to her what we really wanted to get out of our special day. It was as if we were just working with a good friend who knew us without even having met us.

Our wedding was magical and intimately cozy with the help of Anne Marie and St. John Weddings. We over, above and beyond recommend St. John Weddings if you think that the US Virgin Islands, St. John is the destination wedding location for you.”
Anna & Grant Beck

Dear Anne Marie,
“We felt that we must take a moment to express our sincere gratitude. The wedding ceremony that you performed for us was absolutely beautiful. The abundant amount of love that you brought together was breathtaking. The feeling during that ceremony was amazing. We are thankful that we will be able to always have and hold that feeling, thanks to you. You have given us a true gift of such a wonderful wedding. You will always be a part of our lives and we will always have that beautiful ceremony to remember.”
With love and gratitude,
Andy and Cleta Grey
Denver Colorado

Dear Ann Marie,
” Thank you for making our ceremony so special and unique. John and I have discussed what great energy that you created in the church several times. I cannot express how thankful we are. So many of the guests stated how beautiful and individualized you made our moment. Thank you again for sharing your spiritual gift.”
Jon and Nancy Schutt
St. John USVI

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Thank you so much for marrying us, Anne Marie. We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect ceremony. You somehow turned a few conversations with us into a deep, meaningful celebration of our coming together in the way some of our best friends might not have been able to. It’s as if you had a mirror right to our souls, hearts, and minds; you saw what was there, and brought it into the light for all to see and feel. Thank you for your deep spirituality, your insightful understanding, and for the special touch of love that you gave to our ceremony. We will never forget you, nor that day on Hawksnest beach.
Charles and Donna Mooney
Ardmore PA

Anne Marie’s gift for creating a meaningful service with you is one of the reasons she is so in demand. She wants your wedding ceremony to be appropriate for you. Anne Marie encourages you to create your own tradition.

Duane and I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding wedding ceremony you performed for us. I was flabbergasted when you took the 15-minute conversation we had with you while waiting for the taxi and incorporated it into our service! Someone who had known us all our lives could not have personalized our marriage vows any better!
Mrs. Duane Smith
Beleideri, New Jersey

Personalized National Park beach wedding

Anne Marie, Thank you so much for officiating our wedding ceremony so beautifully. We are so happy with how our seaside ceremony on Hawksnest Beach came out. You enabled us to be so relaxed, enjoy the moment, and express our deep feelings and emotions, with your gentle guidance. You truly are “St. John’s Barefoot Minister
Mr. and Mrs.Anderson
Guilford, Ct

We will always remember the beautiful ceremony you delivered. The whole event was heartwarming. Our sincere thanks for making it a truly memorable evening.
Mary Lou & Yuri Purohit
Lakewood, Ohio


Chris and I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful ceremony you performed on our very special day. Your sincere words on love and marriage made it so memorable. Many tears of joy were shed when my family saw the video!
Jody & Chris Carroll
Aipharetta, Georgia

personalized St John Beach Wedding

Morning on Maho Beach on January 7, 2000… We find ourselves telling the story over and over, “…and we just couldn’t believe how perfect the reverend was! She created the PERFECT ceremony for us!” We have been together for seven years, so getting legally married was not a very big deal to us since we have been married spiritually for a long time. We didn’t have strong ideas of how we wanted the ceremony part of our marriage to be. And we are happy to say that the ceremony is something we’ll never forget. You made it more special to us then we could have imagined.
Alyssa Cossey & Bill Manly
Arlington, Mass

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“Anne Marie comes highly recommended… she will gear a ceremony to meet your needs”
Explore the Virgin Islands sixth edition, Harry S Pariser

Get married by “St. John’s barefoot minister” Anne Marie.

“…giving warm and personalized service to each couple she weds…Anne Marie holds movie stars and ministers among her newlywed clientele.”


I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful ceremony you performed for Sam and Ron and all your help in putting the day together. I was so touched by your words, your incorporation of the beauty of the day, the full moon and the appreciation of the natural surroundings, which were nothing short of spectacular. All the best!
Joanne Raila
Norwalk, CT

I put together our wedding album this weekend and am writing to thank you again for the wonderful ceremony you gave to us. You were able to give us words that were both spiritual and meaningful to both of us. I so appreciate your caring toward us and the love that came through. We were filled with so much joy on our special day that included some rain, sun, a rainbow, sunset, and more rain, mixed in with smiles, laughs, and some happy tears! It was all AWESOME, and I just want you to know you touched both of us and we couldn’t be happier. Since we had never met you before our wedding day, this is all the more remarkable that you were able to help make our ceremony so special. We hope to come back and hope our paths cross again. Wishing you much love and happiness,
Arleen and Andre Krabbe
Champaign, IL


Even though we only met Anne Marie in person minutes before our wedding, she was able to pick up on our personalities and on the mood of the ceremony. She personalized it and made it ours. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an original and festive ceremony. She is great!
Kelly Bennett
Married March 26, 2021

The fee of $500 includes unlimited consultations, and marriage ceremony at the time and place of your choice, and a certified copy of the license and certificate of marriage.

Anne Marie Porter